Welcome to Yoo2Be Networking and thank you for your interest to find out more about us. We are the only group to group, linked up referral business organisation in the UK, where you will get qualified written business opportunities at any group in any region, regardless of who is in the room. We led the way by being the first networking organisation to pay a cash reward to our members, sharing profits and to pay our members who take on a team role and we are still leading the way. We are inclusive, not exclusive and limit each of our groups to 2 business owners in the same sector. This limits overcrowding of any one profession and is ideal for collaboration and sub – contracting business to each other, it also allows members to have a choice of who they work with. Gaining new sales and business is important to us, but networking meetings should deliver more and that is what we give you. It is about connecting with other business owners with a common interest and our common interest is built on our ethos of “How can we help you” all of our groups are built on this. It is about getting help and advice with the daily, monthly challenges you face in your business from a room of fellow members who understand what you are going through, this happens in our HCWHY part of our meeting format. It is about development for you and your business, never standing still always moving your business forward and we do this with free workshops for members and free development and training days to help grow your business bigger and more profitable, you receive help with presentation skills and confidence in public speaking, so that you can deliver clearly and concisely to your fellow members and guests the problems that your service or product solves for others. At our groups you don’t just give a 60/40 seconds rapid explanation of your business, you showcase your expertise.

There is a lot more to Yoo2Be Networking, because we are all about you, our name is a play on words You to be (Yoo2Be), you fill in the rest. Yoo2Be successful, Yoo2Be secure, Yoo2Be confident, Yoo2Be happy, you get the gist. In a nutshell Yoo2Be Networking is:

Engaging, Professional, structured, rewarding, friendly and fun that gets you results our members typically see a return on their membership investment in the first 2 months.



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