Yoo2Be Networking was founded by Andrew O’Connell, ex Sergeant Major and 22 year veteran of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, successful business entrepreneur, and business mentor. During this time Andrew has built successful teams in some of the most challenging and difficult environments in some hostile destinations. After leaving the forces and becoming a director within Nestle, finding non so hostile as a directors boardroom. Yoo2Be Networking started with 1 meeting back in September 2016 in Cannock, West Midlands, with a concept thought of and put into practice by Andrew to reward and adopt a more acceptable way for business owners and entrepreneurs to get new business and growth. Always ensuring the best for his members, Yoo2Be Networking has expanded in just 18 months, with 8 meetings across the Midlands. Andrew started Yoo2Be Networking after experiencing some eye opening behaviours in the business networking sector. It was time for a change, to make a difference, where networking business meetings came back to be all about the member and their business, rather than about bums on seats or numbers, solely for profit gain or build a database to sell to with no real intention, commitment or accountability to help a business get new business and grow. “During my research into business networking, I saw a lot of businesses work hard to help fellow members gain new business and not really receive anything from the networking organisation, in recognition for their time and effort given outside growing their own business. I saw some  not put any effort in due to the type of meeting and cliques develop at others, where business was only passed between themselves and this was seen as okay. I saw regional leaders and leadership teams get token incentives, whilst the member got no recognition or thanks for their hard work. Everything stacked in the organisations favour to profit. I experienced no real accountability by the networking organisations to ensure the member who had paid their membership fee actually got a return on their investment. Instead I heard a lot of people being told it was their fault they were not getting any business and they were not networking properly”. If you were not at a certain level within the group you are frowned upon and told to buck up or your out. You have probably heard this or been told this or even experienced this yourself. “I want to change this and have everyone rewarded for their hard work helping fellow members”. ” I want everyone to have the opportunity of new business, by working together and growing together” Andrew started Yoo2Be Networking, so that all the members get a good share of new business opportunities and get rewarded in some way for their contribution to their group and to their fellow members, where if a member is struggling to gain new business, the group philosophy “how can we help you” is to rally together and help them, the Advisory Team, mentors them and there is FREE business development and personal development training for all members. The Yoo2Be Networking philosophy is for you to be (Yoo2Be) successful with our help and each others help. Actions = Rewards. The members’ rewards are many and are explained in the next pages, as well as why, with so many free networking events around, Andrew kept with tradition, making Yoo2Be Networking a paid membership organisation.  Research shows that the overwhelming majority of new business growth gained for a business at networking meetings, comes from paid membership networking organisations.

Yoo2Be Networking ethos is ” It’s all about you”, not the organisation, not the founder or driven by profit margins, as the profit is shared back to the members, with a profit share scheme as soon as you become a member. The meetings are professionally structured with records of business opportunities, that you give and receive, kept, so that there is transparency, no room for over exaggerated figures used as a marketing tool but used to give members their correct rewards and recognition. There is personal accountability and commitment to each other, no member is asked to do anything the founder or his Advisory Teams would not do themselves and the emphasis is very much on wanting to help and support each other, rather than having to so you get a tick in the box or no accountability at all. We are growing and expanding and always looking to start new groups in cities and towns around the country, those interested will see it comes with a generous incentive package and acquiring a high profile as a leader of your own groups at Yoo2Be Networking within the region will only be good for the growth and expansion of your business. If you are interested in more information regarding Group Launch Director positions (there is no cost to you,we are not a franchise) then contact us using the contact page.

If you have not been to a meeting, go to our, where we meet page, book onto your nearest meeting and come along and experience how we are different from other meetings. 
Yoo2Be Networking fully supports charities, if you are a charity find out if your local meeting has a charity member and get on board with support from local businesses. 

Now go to the section “What is Yoo2Be Networking” to find out how we operate. Also take a look at the testimonials page to see what business owners love about Yoo2Be Networking.



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