Yoo2Be Networking is a different concept on business networking meetings. Our ethos is “How can I help you to grow your business … 

Our group meets in various Yoo2Be Networking venues across the U.K. Because you are THE focus, meetings are set up to benefit the member …

Meet our members – Yoo2Be Networking embraces Action=Reward if you do the action we will reward you for it across all aspects …

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Yoo2Be Networking is recommended by businesses as the no1 business meeting for new and young businesses as well as established businesses. We are new and unique with an ethos of “How can we help you”, this means every meeting focuses on the growth of the members with a philosophy of helping other members first before yourself.

Our members approach each meeting with the desire to help their fellow members before themselves, this may sound unconventional when you are trying to find business for yourself, but our members find the more you give the more you receive. Yoo2Be Networking takes responsibility for your growth in business as a member and our founder is more interested in giving more to his members than receiving himself, when you hear him speak he will always say he started Yoo2Be Networking to 100% benefit his members not himself or Yoo2Be Networking, it is not about him, it is all about you, your business, your development and your growth.

Yoo2Be Networking has a profit share scheme for all members ensuring everyone benefits from its success and gives out rewards to all members for helping each other. Members share business opportunities with each other at every meeting and members average 2 – 4 business opportunities at every meeting. We don’t give referrals, a referral means someone has given your name, business name to a contact that is looking for a service and you may have a chance of getting the business once you have spoken to them. We give business opportunities, this means a member has given your name, business name to a contact that requires your service, they have assured them that you are the person for the job and confirmed that they will use your services. This way there is no wasted time in meeting a contact and having to persuade or sell your services to them in order to get the work. Hence the business opportunity guaranteed.

Our members always come first for the good and benefit of their business and themselves. Yoo2Be Networking is unique, new and rewarding, your actions i.e. finding business for others and bringing guests, pays for your networking. Come along to your local meeting and take advantage of our affordable membership, we are ideal for new businesses who don’t yet have the expendable cash flow to market and grow their business, want new business opportunities but not the premium cost that comes with most networking organisations.

Our mission is to grow your business, get new business opportunities, help one another with a practical, modest investment for membership, with the same value and probably more than you would get at the premium organisations. There is no cost difference for the size of your business, like others and an individual or business can join.

If you have read this and are interested in finding out more information, go to our testimonial page and read what businesses have to say about Yoo2Be Networking, then go to our contact page, send us a message and a member of the team will contact you within 24 hours. please continue to browse our website to learn a lot more about Yoo2Be Networking where it is always “all about you” and your business.



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