Why Choose Yoo2be?

Yoo2Be Networking was founded with you as the focus, because the whole philosophy is about helping and giving to you. There are many reasons why we think membership of Yoo2Be Networking will be good for you. Here are a few:

1.You are always the focus, as a member you are part of the profit share scheme.

2.Yoo2Be Networking meetings are set up to fully benefit the member to grow their business.

3. Business opportunities are passed between members at meetings every 2 weeks. Recorded and transparent. With each member receiving between 2 to 4 opportunities at every meeting.

4. Members receive cash reward payments for each guest they bring to a meeting that becomes a member. This can be a guest brought to any Yoo2Be Networking Meeting in the country, not just your Homebase one.

5. Members are helped and coached to build confidence with their public speaking, by participating in "My Story"

6. Members are part of a stable group number of 15+ at every meeting. This enhances business opportunities for all members and opens up their network of new contacts.

7. Members get rewarded with bottles of champagne, fine dinning, theatre tickets and weekend breaks to an European city, to name a few.

8. All members have a voice in how their groups are run, using our proposals system.

9. Meetings are professionally structured to produce business opportunities and growth, with no pressure. We find members want to share business with each other and this relaxed approach works, bringing in an abundance of business opportunities.

10. We are inclusive not exclusive. Our members in the same sectors work well together, securing the business in their areas and sub contracting it to each other, therefore never turning work away and always getting something from it. Having just 1 seat per profession, limits your choice and opportunities. You can pick more apples from the tree standing on someone's shoulders, than you can on your own. 

11. Members can attend any other Yoo2Be Networking meeting away from their Homebase meeting, in the country, at a reduced meeting fee.

12. There are different levels of membership, that are easily achieved. Rewards and discounts increase with every level of membership. Membership levels are explained in more detail at Yoo2Be Networking meetings, we enjoy rewarding and giving recognition to you for your hard work, helping others.

13. Members have a business profile, photo, logo and write up on the Yoo2Be Networking website, with links to their own websites, online shops and social media platforms.

Our membership fees are at the lower end of the industry compared with other networks, but this does not mean the results and the business benefits to you are any less. In fact, we give you more for less and so is great value for the business owner, looking for more business and to grow locally, regionally and nationally, Our USP and the added bonus to you, is that as a member you will receive real money back into your pocket, as well as the rewards that have been mentioned above and the discounts you get on your meeting fees. All of this is given by Yoo2Be Networking to you for your commitment to your business, your fellow members business and Yoo2Be Networking by attending a meeting and doing what most of you do now, just networking.

So what does it cost?

A 12 month membership is only £199 with no vat. Join a development group and only pay an initial £100 until the group becomes established and your membership does not count down until the group becomes established. Get £1000's in new business opportunities passed to you at every meeting for just 56p a day. Our members average between £15k and £25k in new business pa.

The rewards you get  pay for your memberships in the early months, which would give you relatively speaking, free membership for the rest of the year. 

Everything you have just read outlines why we think you should choose Yoo2Be Networking to be the organisation for you to grow a healthy, productive and profitable business and secure new business, repeat business and make new friends along the way. All you have to decide is if you want to be a part of this new and unique way to business network, where networking with us, pays you.

Come along as a guest to any of our meetings and let's see if we are right for each other. Go to the, where we meet page and book onto your local meeting. 

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