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Go to Ben Coates our Telford group M.D for bringing the most guests overall to Yoo2Be Networking meetings in February. For Ben's efforts, he was rewarded by the founder of Yoo2Be Networking Andrew O'Connell, 1 months free networking at any group meetings of his choice. This has given Ben the opportunity to attend 10 meetings this month completely free of charge. At Yoo2Be Networking we reward our members for their great contribution to each other, their groups and Yoo2Be Networking. Well done Ben.


Yoo2Be Networking is looking to move into the following areas, carrying on from our success in the Midlands, launching new groups in Manchester, Liverpool, Stafford, Leamington Spa, Milton Keynes, North London, Central London, and South London.

We are looking for Entrepreneurs with great leadership qualities and skills in these areas, to build our groups with personnel, that want to build long lasting business relationships and embrace our philosophies of helping each other to grow and take their business to the next level.

The Regional Manager role has a really great incentive package attached and raises your business and personal profile across your region and nationally. This is a great opportunity for a business looking to expand in growth and new business across the region.

The Meeting Director role also has great incentives attached to it and is suited to a business that wants a greater reach, higher profile, growth in new business and new business contacts in their area, with minimum commitment of every 2 weeks.

People interested in the above roles for these areas should email a.o@yoo2be.com, putting either Regional Manager or Meeting Director in the email title. This is a great opportunity for a business with ambition to expand their products and services regionally and nationally. 

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